Where to Watch Samsung at Mobile World Congress MWC 2017 Live in Barcelona

foldable smartphone screen

You’ve been following the news closely about Samsung smartphones, and you’re finally ready to see what the Korean electronics giant will unveil at MWC 2017. But where can you watch it live?

Today, Samsung will be closing the day’s media events with a revelation of its own. Is it the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus? Is it the New Galaxy Tab? Or is it the revolutionary foldable smartphone/tablet hybrid we’ve been hearing about the last few months?

Right now it’s anyone’s guess, but we do know that Samsung is very close to officially releasing the Galaxy S8 – possibly the one phone that can rival iPhone 8 in terms of media attention this year.

We also know that they plan to ship out their foldable devices sometime during the second half, but the teaser invitation Samsung sent out earlier this month tells us very little about what the star of the show will be.

For now, we know what the three possibilities are, but where can you watch it live? CNET is going to be in the room at Palau de Congressos de Catalunya where Samsung’s live stream can be tapped into. The event begins at 7 p.m. local Barcelona time, and you can check that against your local time here.

Of course, the Oscars will get precedence over the MWC any day, but thankfully the electronics giant’s event will happen much earlier in the day on Sunday.

Here’s where to watch the Oscars live, around the world.

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