Google Chrome for Android Saves Up To 50 Percent Data Usage, Get it Now

Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for Android (v57) has already started rolling out to users, but if you haven’t received an update notification yet, don’t worry. Even with Google Chrome 56, there are several incentives to get you to update your mobile browser from Play Store.

New Features on Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome 57 brings a lot of new features for Android devices, such as deeper progressive web app (PWA) integration and so on. However, there are several benefits to updating to Google Chrome 56 as well, and one of these is the ability to save up to 50% on your cellular data usage.

The Google Chrome Data Saver does that for you. Simple open Google Chrome on your Android device, go to Settings and scroll down to Data Saver. Tap on it and then turn it on.

Essentially, using Data Saver directs a bulk of the web traffic to your device goes through Google servers. The servers compress that data before downloading it to your device.

It only works on http, so if you’re on an https site or browsing in private with Incognito mode, it won’t work. Turning Data Server on may also affect some of the content displayed. For example, some images might look a little fuzzy, restricted websites such as your company’s intranet may not load, you may not be able to sign in to your carrier’s website, and some websites might find it hard to find your location.

If you’re okay with these side-effects, then you’re good to go with Data Saver on Google Chrome for Android. It’s especially useful when you’re on a limited data plan or your connection is slow. On a slow connection, Data Saver will let your pages load much faster, and if data savings is what you’re after, depending on the sites you browse, you could see a data savings of up to 50 percent.

Go to Chrome Help if you’re having trouble with Data Saver.

As it stands, Google Chrome 57 for Android should be available in Play Store sometime this week. If not, you can upgrade to Google Chrome 56 here in case you haven’t already done that. To try out Google Chrome 57 in beta on your Android device, download it from Play Store here, or wait for the public release to be available this week.

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