Echo Show: Amazon Echo with Touchscreen has Cool Home Security Accessories

Echo Show home security accessories

Echo Show, the Alexa-enabled smart speaker with touchscreen launched by Amazon yesterday, has some great features, but there are also a couple of very cool accessories that you can buy along with your pre-order. First, the features:

Amazon Echo Show Key Features:

Available in black and white options, the Amazon Echo Show is essentially an Echo device with a touchscreen. The capabilities of the Echo have all been carried over to the Echo Show, but a lot more has been added to make it an even more powerful home smart assistant.

First of all, the touchscreen allows you to make and receive voice calls to anyone with an Echo or an Echo Dot. What’s more, you can make video calls to others who have either the Echo Show or the Alexa App installed on their smartphone.

The screen also allows you to watch videos online from YouTube. You can even get music lyrics on your screen, get weather forecasts, video news briefings, see your to-do and shopping lists and much more. Just ask Alexa to “show” you what you want.

The device also supports Amazon Music (where you can get on-screen lyrics), Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and other services. Amazon has apparently improved the speaker quality on the Echo Show, so you’ll get crisp Dolby highs and nice, rumbling bass.

As with the Echo, you can enable thousands of skills that you can use through voice commands, such as those from Allrecipes, CNN, Uber and hundreds upon hundreds of other companies.

You can also control smart devices around your home, such as Philips Hue, ecobee and WeMo.

The best part about the screen is that it allows you to sync up with specific compatible cameras from Arlo and Ring. This is where the security aspect comes in.

Echo Show Can Give You Enhanced Home Security

Ring is essentially a video doorbell that you’d replace your regular doorbell with. Now, when somebody rings at the front door, you can ask Alexa to immediately show you who it is. It’s a WiFi-connected device that is also compatible with select iOS and Android smartphones.

The Ring app lets you see and speak with visitors, even if you’re not at home! The motion sensor turns on as soon as it senses somebody at the front door, and the device starts recording video, and will send you an alert.

Two way audio and 1080p HD video round off its capabilities.

For this product, your Echo Show works exactly the way the smartphone apps do, giving you full control over your door from wherever you are inside your home.

The product is available to order now, and will ship out starting May 14.

View Ring Doorbell Pro on

Arlo is another Wifi-connected security camera that can be used indoors, like in the baby’s room, or for outdoor security around your home. The Arlo app for iOS and Android lets you view streaming video from anywhere with the motion-activated camera capability.

You can also customize Arlo for real-time notifications or emails while your way or even if you’re at home. The weatherproof HD camera can be attached to magnetic mount anywhere inside or outside your home.

View Arlo Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Security System

These two products are ideal for home security, or if you want to keep checking on the baby while you’re in a different part of the house. Both these home security products are compatible with the Echo Snow and also have their own apps that you can install on your iOS and Android smartphones or tablets.

The Echo Snow only ships out on June 28, but both these products are available to order right now.

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