Android O May Be Android Oatmeal Cookie, not Android Oreo: Source Code Clue

Android O Android Oreo Android Oatmeal Cookie

A new clue from Android O source code shows that the O in Android could stand for “Oatmeal Cookie”. The clue was first spotted by Myce, and it shows ‘oc-dev’. Admittedly, that’s not a very strong clue, but the fact that oatmeal cookie name was mentioned in a slide presentation at Google I/O 2017 last month does give it some credence.

Android Oreo is also a strong contender for the full form of O, since that was also mentioned on a previous occasion by a Google executive. Personally, we’re going with Android O being Android Oreo. The name has a better ring to it, and there’s also a chance that Google may tie up with the makers of Oreo the way they did when Android KitKat was released.

But Android Oatmeal Cookie? That’s a little hard to digest.

That said, there’s no telling what the final name will actually be for Android O. Google could very well call it Android Orange Creamsicle or any one of dozens of names that have been bandied about that still match the ‘oc-dev’ clue from the source code.

At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what Android O will be called. It’s just a fun exercise that everyone’s getting in on. What matters is the slew of new features that Android O will bring to the apps ecosystem. We’ve written about that in some detail in earlier articles, which you can review below:

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