Facebook App GIF Creator Under Testing with Select iOS Users

Facebook app GIF creator

Facebook will soon have an inbuilt GIF creator, with advanced features of being able to shoot a short video in that format.

As confirmed by Facebook, the testing of an in-app GIF creator has begun. The app permits users to shoot a short video lasting a few seconds and to quickly create an animated GIF. The GIF can be shared with friends and family or even added to your post on Facebook or saved to your device’s picture gallery.

The digital camera in the app allows you to shoot footage – a video lasting only for few seconds – and save it to your device. The feature is available at the tap of a button at the top of the screen.

Looks like it is another exclusive app for iOS users, and nothing is confirmed for Android users yet.

A consultant from Facebook stated that the GIF creator is currently being tested with a “very small variety of iOS customers”, and that more details about the GIF creator will be released soon – in a couple of weeks’ time.

A GIF is a short animated image that can be viewed anywhere.  GIFs are much smaller files than videos, much faster to upload and work well with minimal connectivity.

Facebook app GIF creator

GIF is quite popular on social media for self-expression, especially on Twitter and Tumblr.

Facebook has been slow in adapting to GIF, fearing that it might get cluttered because of the visual impact it would have on the auto-playing videos on the News Feed. As a substitute, it emphasized on video, which additionally added to the high quality of the Information Feed. But Facebook users love to use meme – GIF and meme go hand in hand – and users kept finding workarounds to post GIFs. This turned out to be an advantage for other services like Imgur. Now, Facebook has started accepting News Feeds with “richer” media.

Facebook’s records show that “Almost 13 billion GIFs were sent on Messenger over the past year, with 400 million GIFs sent just on New Year’s Day 2017”.

The Era of GIFs is about to explode, it seems.

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