Yum Brands’ Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has collaborated with Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei to bring out limited editions (5000 units) of a KFC Huawei smartphone under its own brand, with both logos integrated. This is to mark KFC’s 30th-anniversary celebrations in China.

The KFC Huawei 7 Plus smartphone is bright red in color, with the familiar face of Colonel Sanders at the back. The phone will come with a Snapdragon 425 processor with 3GB of RAM expandable to 128GB with MicroSD cards.

KFC Huawei Smartphone

You can also look for a fingerprint scanner placed above the two logos, and the camera is positioned at the top left corner of the smartphone. The smartphone will come pre-installed with KFC’s mobile and 100,000 “K dollars”, which are the virtual credits in China. The smartphone will also have access to its K-Music.

The KFC Huawei smartphone is priced at 1,099 yuan and has been on sale in the fast food company’s Tmall online store since July 13.

The video released for the event includes the KFC journey so far in China, from where it segues into the design of the smartphone. The device is wrapped in a metal body, and both brand logos are placed on the body along with the date, 1987, to mark its beginning in China.

KFC has also introduced “Watt a Box” in collaboration with its Mumbai-based digital agency Blink Digital. Watt a Box helps you to get your smartphone charged while you eat. It comes with magnetic flaps on your meal box – a power bank integrated on its side, and micro-USB and lightning cables to charge your smartphone. It is detachable and lets you carry it along when you leave the restaurant.

KFC also has its hands on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Last December, it launched its first AI-enabled café in Beijing to create a more innovative dining experience for its customers. The app helps predict what the customer will order using facial recognition.

Does your face look like a bucket of chicken wings today?

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