Ahead of iPhone 8 Launch, There’s Already Talk of iPhone 9 and its Battery

iPhone 9 Concept

Though we all know iPhone 9 is in store for us next year, what’s surprising is the speculations that have started to float around even before iPhone 8 is unveiled. It is an easy assumption to make that there will be an iPhone 9, naturally, because, since 2007 Apple has been releasing a new flagship device every year.

Apple’s recent strategy has been to release two devices, but that’s already moved up to three this year. It’s quite possible that next year’s line-up will be an iPhone 9 and two ‘S’ variants of iPhone 8.

Before the release of iPhone 8, speculations have started to drizzle down about iPhone 9. A new report from The Korea Economic Daily relays that Apple has roped in LG to be an exclusive partner for supplying batteries for iPhone 9. This move is slightly different from its traditional way of operating, by plugging in multiple partners for each of its components.

Apple’s strategy to have multiple partners is to get competitive pricing, and also overcome manufacturing hurdles that may come during the various stages of production.

With this, LG should be working towards making the best battery possible to impress Apple and continue being a sole supplier. The report says that the battery on the iPhone 9 is expected to be L-shaped to optimize internal space, as with each new version of the iPhone makes it harder to take advantage of the limited space existing on the device.

Going forward, starting from Apple iPhone 8, all future iPhone models will reportedly feature an OLED screen. That’s excluding iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S plus, which will feature the thicker and heavier traditional LCD screen.

According to the information available, iPhone 8 seems to have a better battery life when compared to iPhone 7 Plus. A quick look at what iPhone 7 is bundled with: 13 hours of LTE browsing, 15 hours of Wi-Fi browsing or 60 hours of audio playback on the wireless connection with only one charge. If the combined effort from LG and Apple succeed in bringing out better metrics than that of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, it would serve as yet another selling point on an already overwhelming device.

LG is said to be preparing ahead of time to support the mass production which is likely to start sometime in early 2018. The company has already invested into revamping its facilities.

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