Sony PlayStation Plus Membership Prices Hiked for Europe and Australia

PlayStation Plus

Sony has announced that it will increase the membership fee of PlayStation Plus effective August 31 in Europe and Australia, nothing is confirmed for U.S. customers yet.

Sony has sent an email to its subscribers informing them of the revised prices. In the UK, the annual membership goes up by 25 percent from £39.99 to £49.99, quarterly from £14.99 to £19.99 and the monthly membership fees go up from £5.99 to £6.99. The increase in the subscription encourages users to go for an annual membership, as the cost increase is only by £10, for the monthly subscribers the increase is £12 annually and the quarterly difference will be higher by £20 every year.

Sony launched PlayStation Plus in 2010 and has been consistent in pushing out upgrades and new titles. A membership is required for online gaming on PlayStation consoles and also offers a number of free-to-download games each month.

Sony has indicated that the new prices of the Plus membership will be applicable to all recurring subscriptions effective August 31. Until then, the subscription remains at the current price.

Some of the advantages of being a member – allows the subscribers to play six games for free each month, regular store discounts are applicable and automatic patch/update downloads. They also enjoy beta trials, access to new titles and so on.

Existing members who are not comfortable with the increased fee can turn off the auto renew in the account settings at least 48 hours before the next payment on or after August 31, 2017, is due.

Though there is no specific reason quoted by Sony to justify the increase in membership subscriptions, according to the company, the price revision may be justifiable for upgrades to the platform in recent years. Also, the latest title announcement does sort of justify the price jump.

The latest announced titles are Assassin’s Creed Freedom and Just Cause 3 for PS4, while the party game That’s You is available as a bonus release. For PS3, the games are Super Motherload and Snake Ball, while the PlayStation Vita gets Level 22 and Downwell.

Along with the membership price revision, Sony is also allowing PlayStation Plus members to watch a movie for only $1 for the next six weeks.

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