Apple Explores Smart Pixel and Micro LED Technology for Apple Watch and Beyond

microLED for Apple Watch

Apple is seriously stepping up its display technology capabilities. In a recent report, we spoke about the Smart Pixel patent that the company applied for earlier this year, and it’s quite possible that Apple Watch 3 may see some early evidence of these technologies before they make their way into mainstream Apple products like iPhone and iPad.

Apple’s move to start using OLED display panels is a decisive one. Notwithstanding the fact that it is forced to acquire these panels from its fiercest rival in the smartphone world, Samsung, the company is showing signs of going all out with OLED as the next level in display technology for Apple’s iconic products.

Like OLED, MicroLED or mLED is intended for low-energy mobile devices like smartwatches and smartphones. Moreover, mLED is 30 times brighter than OLED and more efficient in terms of lux/W.

The problem is, nobody has yet mass-produced mLED displays. If Apple is serious about this technology, we’ll be seeing some significant investments in this area by the company.

The majority of experts on microLED say that three years is the estimate for mass-produced microLED displays. It’s quite possible that with the right investment and a focused approach, that could be cut down to a year to two years.

Since smaller devices are ideal, it’s likely that Apple Watch will be the first to get this technology. Once they’ve honed it to the level they want, they can start using it in iPhones and larger displays.

Several electronics manufacturers are also eyeing this technology, with plans to implement it in large-screen TVs over the next three to five years. Even companies like Facebook are exploring possibilities with microLED for AR/VR wearables.

If Apple can beat them to the punch with its customized Smart Pixel patent, we could see the company hold significant market share in the display segment over the next decade.

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