Do Not Upgrade Your YouTube Android TV App if You Have a Brand Account

YouTube App for Android TV

Finally, there is an update to the YouTube Android TV app. The update comes after almost a year, and it isn’t just a bug-fix update. An entirely redesigned interface is accompanied by a few functional changes.

YouTube started to roll out the new version a few months ago on its different platforms – web, mobile – and the recent roll out was for Android TV.

Though it is a major update in terms of redesigning the look and changing certain functionality, it looks like it hasn’t addressed many issues raised by users except for the Auto-Play issue and a few other minor ones. Before, there wasn’t any option to pause the loading of the next video. It was automated, but the recent update gives users about five seconds to see that is queued up; a few seconds to choose between play and move on.

Other features like improved navigation and search options can be seen, and the big red control bar which used to show up in the middle of the video is now gone. The new update removes it, giving more importance to video visibility.

Following the roll out of the new version of the YouTube Android TV app, complaints started to flow about the inability to log in with a brand account, which left many user with no access to their playlists, saved channels and purchases. Users reported that the bugs were because of the lack of a native application, and many of them rolled back to the previous version.

Google has officially acknowledged that the new version of the YouTube app for Android TV isn’t compatible with brand accounts, but has promised to come through with an update soon. Considering the time YouTube’s engineers have had to compile this update and the fact that both YouTube and Android are Google’s own platforms, the issues with the 2.0 update are not very confidence-inspiring.

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