Thanksgiving can be an expensive holiday. With the turkey and the wine and the food and everything else, before you know it you’re down several hundred dollars. Don’t make the same mistakes in 2017 that you tend to do every year. Here are three ways in which you can save some money over the Thanksgiving holiday.


This is typically the biggest expense because you want the whole traditional feel, and you don’t want members of your family who you see once a year to criticize your spread. But it doesn’t have to be an expensive affair.

Many of the larger grocery stores offer a free turkey if you purchase over a particular amount, and you can usually find these offers via sites like and, among others. Most of these websites have printable and digital coupons, and some of these deals are exclusively available online.


This is another area where you might rack up expenses, an it includes all types of beverages. But there are great deals here as well. Whole Foods, for example, is getting a ton of price cuts since Amazon bought it over, and a lot of other places do 10% off deals when you buy half a dozen bottles. If you’re going to have a big party, then you should go bulk and save quite a bit of cash.


If you’re the one throwing the party, then decorations are another money drain. This year, why not try crafting your own holiday decor? The fall theme works well, so think about a centerpiece using leaves and acorns from your yard? Or head to a craft store for some other autumn or Thanksgiving-based ideas rather than buying decorations for a lot more.

Just a little bit of preparation ahead of time can save you quite a sum of money at Thanksgiving. Don’t wait until the last moment to do your shopping. Do your homework instead, spend some time on line and keep your cash where it belongs – with you.

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