Galaxy S9 clones are already available in China, courtesy VKWorld

galaxy s9

Everyone knows that smartphone designs and specifications are hardly a secret. But you know things have reached an extreme when clones come to market even before the original is released!

That’s what’s happening with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9. Expected in February, the smartphone is a highly anticipated piece of hardware. However, Chinese companies are already putting out Galaxy S9 clones in the hope that wannabe S9 owners who can’t afford the real thing when it comes out can have a taste of it right now.

The company leading this field is VKWorld, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that seems to have taken great pains in recreating (or pre-creating?) what it thinks the Galaxy S9 might look like.

From the design it’s clear that VKWorld has relied heavily on rumors about the S9 – so much so that they’ve even put in a large battery that could rival the standby time of the real S9.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that these are poorly made phones. VKWorld has gone to great lengths to provide a decent experience. And considering that it’s only $300, it might get a lot of takers, so don’t be surprised.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and its larger sibling, the S9+, are expected to be revealed in February. They’ll flag off the flagship smartphone race for 2018, and critics already have elevated expectations from Samsung considering the high bar already set by smartphone makers like Apple, LG, Google and even Samsung itself in 2017.

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