Online Casino and Online Gambling: I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know These Facts!


Gambling has long been a divisive endeavor. Often seen as a vice that separates the goodies from the baddies, the art of the wager is one of the oldest activities known to man. In fact, “I’ll give you a shiny rock if that sabre-tooth tiger doesn’t eat him” may have been one of its earliest appearances. Since then it’s evolved into so many different formats across several sports and games that it’s a lot more difficult now to condemn it as a social evil, as has been done in many societies around the world.

Nonetheless, gambling, like other so-called vices like drinking and smoking, is still around after thousands of years. Let’s take a look at one specific niche that’s come on the radar recently – online gambling. Some of these statistics might actually surprise you.

The online gambling industry is all set to cross $50 billion this year. That might seem like a small figure considering that the global gambling market is $450 billion, or nine times that. By 2019 that’s expected to bloat to $511 billion.

But the growth of online gambling is tremendous. In the UK it is already the number one form of gambling, accounting for 33% of all gambling activities. Not bad considering that the very first online casino opened its virtual doors in August 1996, just over two decades ago.

Today there are thousands of online gambling and online casino websites that see hundreds of thousands of dollars passing through on a daily basis. Whether it’s a New Online Casino or one that’s been around for years, there are unlimited options for gambling online.

Of course, the classics like Poker and Black Jack attract the bulk of the crowds, but there are also very popular categories like Video Slots Machines, which offer a highly addictive and visual experience that can keep you engaged for hours. Many of them are free, but there are online slots where you can win – and lose – real cash.

One interesting fact from years of study shows that only 3% of any population engages in “pathological gambling”, and it was officially recognized as a disorder in 1980, when it was included in the DSM-III, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published and updated regularly by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

That means 97% of the people who gamble are able to gamble responsibly. That’s great news if you’re new to gambling and want to give it a try at one of the many New Online Slots Casino sites that are popping up every day.

Here are some more interesting statistics from the world of online gambling and online casinos:

  • Bingo and Poker went online the same year – 1998.

  • About 4% of teenagers struggle with pathological gambling.

  • Traditionally, physical casinos didn’t want to have anything to do with online gambling because they felt it would take away their business. That’s changing, and more and more casinos are starting to offer an online experience blended with the physical model.

  • In 2005 a group of researchers at Washington University at St. Louis found that a whopping 4.2 billion people around the world have gambled at some point in their lives.

  • Did you think gambling was the realm of men? Think again! SuperData Research found in 2013 that 57% of all online gamblers in the U.S. are women. There’s a myth cracked wide open!

  • Australia has the highest rate of gamblers in the world – over 80%. On average, each adult spends about $1,200 a year on gambling.

Online casinos form a small part of the online gaming industry, but it’s a fast-growing segment that is accessible to everyone. And because it can be risky and there are literally no guarantees, most sites offer very attractive sign-up bonuses to attract new customers.

If you’re new to online casino websites, it is highly recommended that you read independent reviews about the site before you provide your financial details. Read the terms and conditions carefully, and make sure that the site is fully secure before you pull out your wallet.

Happy gambling!

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