Why Tesla Model 3 Could Soar to the Top in Norway

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Norway has already become the world leader in EV penetration, and the Nordic nation’s plug-in vehicle sales just keeps getting better by the day. Data from Center of Automotive Management in Germany shows that Norway’s electric vehicle market share touched 48% during the first quarter of 2018, up from 35% last year.

And that’s great news for Tesla’s Model 3 sales in Norway . In April 2018,  Tesla delivered 416 Model X and 300 Model S in Norway. As you can see from the chart below, Tesla bagged the 5th and 9th position in the sales chart, that too for the much expensive Model S and Model X.


Source: Insideevs

Tesla is still concentrating on building higher priced versions of Model 3  as parts of its effort to keep the cash bleed to a minimum.

No one really knows how long will it take to push Model 3’s cost towards the planned $35,000. But as production capacity keeps increasing, Model 3 price will edge lower. Norway is certainly one market where Tesla can capture significant market share, thanks to the company’s growing supercharging network, proven battery tech and brand awareness.

Norway is the third largest market for Tesla after United States and China. It was the first European country to receive Tesla Model S and I am pretty sure Model 3 will also be delivered in Norway before it lands in any other European nation.