2019 iPhones to come with OLED display panels

Apple iPhone is one of the most wanted smartphones on the market. Last year, Apple announced three iPhone models, including iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. Apple iPhone X is a premium phone to celebrate 10th anniversary iPhone. With iPhone X, Apple had some daring changes, ranging from a curved OLED display to all-glass back design.

iPhone X ranks among the best-selling phones in the first quarter of the year, with millions of units sold worldwide. Apple is expected to ship more than 50 million iPhone X units in the second quarter of the year to overthrow Samsung on the market.

Rumors regarding the next generation Apple iPhone have been around there for months. Most reports claim that Apple will launch three new iPhone models, including a cheaper 6.1-inch model, a 5,8-inch device, and a 6,5-inch model. Tech experts say that the 6.5 inch iPhone model will replace the current iPhone X, meaning that it will include some premium components.

According to sources, all 2019 iPhone models will come with OLED displays at launch. iPhone X is currently the first phone with an OLED panel. In reality, this year’s iPhone models are also believed to feature OLED panels. However, it seems that Apple will use OLED panel on iPhone X Plus only this year.

Sources say that Apple is speeding up production of OLED panels for its iPhone. Back in 2017, the Cupertino company was struggling to meet the huge demand for its iPhone X due to lack of supply chains. Apple’s long-time OLED supplier, Samsung was having problems manufacturing OLED panels.

Last year, iPhone X release date was pushed back to November, and Apple does not want to make the same mistake. Sources say that Apple is opening new manufacturing facilities in India to meet the huge demand for the iPhone.

Apple is looking for suppliers for OLED panels. Samsung Display is currently Apple’s sole supplier of the OLED flexible panel. LG Display is providing OLED displays for Apple Watch. Samsung now dominates the OLED supply chain in the smartphone market with more than 90 percent market share. And, the South Korean firm is doing its best to meet the huge demand for this year’s iPhone.

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