Tesla, Bob Lutz and Battery

“If GM wanted to, it could kill Tesla off tomorrow.” I did not write that. Businessinsider did. I just wanted to revisit the content of the article that was written way back in January, 2015.

“Last year, I asked Bob Lutz, GM’s former product czar, about Tesla’s business prospects. He was fairly direct about the reality of Tesla’s market position. “There’s nothing about battery technology that can’t be copied by another car company,” he said. “Or it could simply buy batteries.” – Businessinsider

It is true. Automakers can copy Tesla’s battery technology or they could just simply buy  batteries. There are hundreds of thousands of battery makers around the world. But not everyone can claim to be Tesla.

Source: EVobession

It took GM nearly three more years to hit 238 mile range and no other automaker (big-auto) has managed to crack the 200 mile barrier. So copying battery tech or buying battery didn’t really help, isn’t it?

I am all for auto companies giving Tesla a run for the money. It would have been so great if BMW or Volkswagen or GM went for the kill and built batteries with a 400 mile range, challenging Tesla to step up its innovation.

That kind of competition would have helped the auto industry in so many ways and benefited customers all over the world.

Not statements like – this company will kill that company.