Top Gadgets to Improve Your College Grades

Gadgets for students

Our world has changed drastically over the past decade. With the aid of new technologies, we have seen the revolution in mobility and college-oriented gadgets. In our article, we’ll cover fascinating, breakthrough examples of the best gadgets which are useful for students.

Image: ronanpark via Flickr

Rocketbook Wave Notebook

What if you could write as easily as with a pen in a paper notebook, while being able to save everything in the cloud, perfectly organized the way you want? What if after you saved your notes in the cloud and filled your paper notebook, you could just erase it with the push of a button and use it again? Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? Think again–it’s the Wave Notebook!

This is the first device we’d like to point to in our list of the best study gadgets for college students.

With this notebook and a Rocket Wave app, you can instantly move your notes into the cloud, using your mobile device. In a fraction of a second, Rocketbook scans and enhances every page before moving it to the designated destination. Now your notes will be in the cloud and when your book is filled, you don’t have to buy another. You take notes with a special pen and once your notes are totally filled, you just put them in a mug in the microwave for the amount of time needed for making a cup of tea, and you’ll have an absolutely fresh and ready to use gadget again.

ReMarkable Paper Tablet

Paper is the ultimate tool for thinking. It lets your mind run free without restrictions. It lets you focus without distractions. But if you love paper, you are certainly struggling to keep track of your notebooks, printing a lot of documents and have a desk filled with stacks of paper. That “paper” problems can be fixed with the abovementioned gadget.

You can read, write and sketch with a paper-like feeling. One gadget replaces all your sketchbooks, notebooks, and other papers. It’s powered by breakthrough technology – the Canvas Display, the world’s fastest digital paper. It looks and feels just like paper. It gives crisp black ink. You may use it like a book, a textbook or documents; you can make notes or highlights any lines or paragraphs, you can easily save any and all essays you’ve written.  In case you need help with an essay assignment, you can always address the professionals from EssayVikings. No more printing, no more documents or heavy books in your bag. And any book or document you do need can be easily moved to the tablet with Wi-Fi.

Pup Pocket Scanner

Choosing between paper and word processor is a matter of context. These days we have the possibility to use both of them within one gadget – the Pup. This is a unique mobile pocket scanner, tiny, wireless and lightweight. It is very simple to use because of its unique button.  With the help of this gadget, you can scan everything – from documents and paychecks to books. You just fit the laser to the pages you need to scan, then you push the button and after this, you can choose the destination where to put them. You needn’t bother figuring out about the size or the number of the pages you are scanning. Moreover, you can easily locate each of them in the folder on your device or a cloud store.

Line Dock

Technology makes us increasingly mobile. Yet, there are still a lot of things that we are carrying in our bag: power banks, chargers, memory drives, extra hard drives, different adapters etc. That is what living a modern life entailed before the Line Dock came around. A tool can be added to your laptop, it is extremely thin and lightweight. Line dock slides perfectly into your laptop sleeve. Thanks to its quick-charge technology, you have the possibility to charge any mobile device faster so that you never run out of the battery on the go. In class, it may be used as a true docking station and you can connect anything to your laptop. This tool integrates four wireless charging pads. You can just place your smartphone and those of your friends and let them all recharge. This gadget is absolute proof that technology can make your life easier and more comfortable.

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