Best Paint Sealant for Black Cars

paint sealant for black cars

As technology evolves, the usage of sealants is also emerging among car owners. It is highly preferred over wax due to the finishing and shine that it provides. As a result, to protect black cars from getting prominent swirls and scratches, sealants enjoy a huge demand in the market.

The best paint sealants for black cars not only add exceptional shine but stay on for approximately 6 months.  These sealants are easily available and contain certain characteristics of wax. It is composed of synthetic material rather than organic material. Nonetheless, it has the same shortcomings as wax (suscept to wearing off at high temperatures or with car washing soaps.)

With the advancement of technology, the sealants have also been advanced in its components. The silica-based sealants do not have the shortcomings as the basic sealants do. They are resistant to water, soaps and of course water pollutants. These have common names like ceramic or ceramic coating, quartz, silicone-dioxide or even SiO2.

The sealants create the chemical bond once applied to the surface of the car. It attaches itself to the paint for strong and affectionate protection against environmental containments and harsh detergents.

How to Apply Paint Sealant on Black Cars?

For attaining protection in its true sense, always wash your car before applying the sealant. The car must be thoroughly washed with the soap/detergent specially designed for removal of sealants or wax. Once the car shall be free from all sorts of dust and contaminants use sealant on the paint. If the paint feels rough after the wash, apply an abrasive or chemical polish to restore faded paint.

The best paint sealant for black cars has the ability to create a chemical bond with the surface of the car. This helps in providing maximum shine and protection to the car from scratches and dust. For glass-like shine, it is suggested to do polishing or compounding first.

In addition, you also have the option of using hybrid products. You can find polish plus sealant hybrid products which will give an outstanding result. However, you still would require washing the car first. It must be kept in mind that while applying the sealant the car must be contamination free.

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Difference between Sealant and Wax

It is commonly asked by the customers that, can we use wax and a sealant together. The answer is yes, you can. You can apply sealant first so it can cure the surface and then use wax. However, it is not prudent to use these products that way. The reason is that the wax can become redundant and can degrade rapidly. Therefore, it is wise to use the wax and sealant separately and in accordance with the need of time.

Despite having the same purpose to perform, the sealant and wax differ in their composition and certain protection abilities. Wax is made with carnauba wax which is completely organic. The main purpose of the sealant is to support a clear coat by providing a stably protected layer whereas, the base coat and color are protected with the help of a clear coat. In the case of wax, the wax protects the clear coat itself.

The wax is used to add shine to the paint and clears the scratches. However, the sealants are more efficient in this regard, as they not only provide gloss to the color but also shield the clear coat from UV Rays and industrial fallout.

As far as the composition is concerned, the sealants are not organic. They are manufactured with synthetic polymers. These polymers have the characteristics to link itself with the clear coat which maintains a virtual shield all over the surface.

The longevity of wax is quite less. As it is not repellent to UV Rays and extreme weather, it is recommended to use wax once a month to maintain the car. On the contrary, the sealant is better than wax in this context, as they can stay intact with the car’s surface for approximately six months.

Disadvantages of using Paint Sealant

Everything has its pros and cons. The pros are understandable from the elaborative discussion illustrated above. As far as the cons are concerned, there are two major disadvantages to the paint sealants.

  1. The paint sealants are phenomenal at protecting the paint; however, they do not provide a fine finish or glossiest outlook. Hence, many people prefer using sealants with carnauba formulated wax.
  2. When it comes to removing the sealant from the paint, it takes lots of time and effort. For instance, you want to remove scratches and swirls from the car and the sealant already applied on it, then it is better to apply an abrasive polish to break the bond between the sealant and clear coat.


If you own a black car, you have to keep it on point to make it look more lavish. However, maintaining a black car can be hectic sometimes. Basically, the black gives a boost to the prominence of the dust layer on it and its paint fades away within a short period of time. Thus, it is logical to have car products that can provide protection and glossy look to the car.

The best paint sealant for black cars is in fashion due to its longevity and the on-point maintainability and protection that it provides. Unlike wax, it takes time to degrade as the polymers used in it keep a strong connection between the clear coat and painted surface of the car.

Sealants do a tremendous job in providing protection to the car; unfortunately, it does not provide the glossiest look that you expect it to. This problem has also been eradicated as hybrid products have been introduced in the market which keeps the protective layer of the sealant for a long period of time along with the outstanding shine. Such products are silica-based sealants and are known as the ceramic coating.

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