Real Estate Videography

It is all about influencing people’s expectations when it comes to marketing. You can use high-quality commercial real estate videos to influence your buyers’ perceptions and thereby obtain higher prices for your properties.

Dreamcube real estate videography will assist you in making your property more attractive to prospective customers by presenting it in a positive light. When potential buyers watch your commercial property video, they become interested and feel a sense of empathy for it.

It is better to employ a professional video production team like real estate videography with Dreamcube that knows how to optimize the true visual appeal and allure of your properties to create a commercial real estate video that successfully influences your viewers’ perception and showcasing the best features of your property.

Importance of Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most critical methods because it operates at any stage of the sales process:

  • It can produce valuable page views at the top of the funnel. Organic search results for links to pages with embedded videos are 157 percent higher than those without videos.
  • A convincing video near the middle or bottom of the funnel may be the final push buyers need to call or email a real estate agent or the property owner.
  • A well-made video will also convince sellers to partner with an agent, knowing that their home would preview in the best light possible.
  • Overall, video-enhanced property listings produce more than four times the number of leads.


The showcase/overview of a house or apartment is only one example of how property videos can be used. A video may also be used for the following purposes:

  • In-depth guided tours of each room of a house, possibly using AR or VR technology (although be careful not to confuse the viewer).
  • Buyer and seller testimonials about their experiences working with a real estate agent.
  • Agents present themselves and their procedures before listing a house.

Professional and Premade video

There are two distinct forms of video linked by the fact that they are produced externally rather than internally. Any form of video work from dedicated videographers, which can capture and edit the footage to your specifications, is considered professional video.

It is a little different with pre-made footage. Stock clips, such as those offered by Promo, can be personalized and integrated into real estate videos, especially those intended for social media.

Real estate Videography with Dreamcube specializes in creating ultra-high-quality real estate videos that are both concise and shareable across multiple platforms.

Getting Real About Real Estate Videography

Purchasing or selling a home is a high-risk endeavor. These transactions can be made even simpler with the help of a well-crafted video highlighting the house.

Do not be afraid to think beyond the box when creating and sharing real estate videos. Making a creative video, whether on your own or with the help of a talented team, will help you land a big client.

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