New BMW 5-Series Coming on October 13, Features Remote 3D View for Security

After a long period of speculation, BMW has confirmed the October 13 launch of its new 5-series luxury sedan. There are bound to be several styling changes to the exterior as well as enhancements inside the car, but the highlight seems to be the new Remote 3D View.

The Remote 3D View is essentially a connected car capability that will send an image of the car’s surroundings to its owner’s smartphone on the BMW Connected app. BMW Connected allows you to interact with various services like Facebook, Twitter, navigation and so on. Once you’re in the car, the app will allow you to connect your iPhone and then start using the iDrive Controller when you’re driving, making phone usage much safer on the road.

There’s also a BMW Link app that lets you make calls from your iPhone and access a list of other select features. If you install BMW Station, you can direct your calls to the car’s built-in microphone and the vehicle’s speakers.

Codenamed the G30, a prototype of the luxury sedan was caught on camera this April by CarScoops. The site says that the biggest change in the 2017 5-series is the touch-screen interface above the center console.

BMW 5-series G30 launch October 13

There are three days left before the official launch of the new 5-series from BMW, and it will undoubtedly bring a smile to the face of expectant BMW owners. For now, though, we’ll have to settle for just the one image of the prototype.

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