Apple Looking to Artificial Intelligence to Extend iPhone Battery Life

Apple CEO Tim Cook says Apple Inc. will use artificial intelligence technology to increase iPhone battery life

In an interview today with an Asian media house, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company was looking at integrating artificial intelligence as a way to improve its products. One of the points he mentioned was a longer battery life for devices, and iPhone is obviously the first that comes to mind.

So far, Apple has been using artificial intelligence primarily for its virtual assistant Siri. But just the way Google DeepMind improved the efficiency of a data center by 40% using artificial intelligence technology, Apple now wants to try making its products more power-efficient.

We all know the problems with smartphone batteries, and it’s common knowledge that our older features-phones win hands down when it comes to battery life. The sheer power demand of apps for smartphones is what forces us to recharge our phones every day – more often than not, at least twice a day. And it’s not just our phones.

We do have battery manager apps and efficiency apps that help a little, but they often do so at the cost of being able to fully utilize a smartphone’s features. For example, putting your phone on airplane mode the whole day might give it several more hours of life, but what’s the use if you can’t go online or even receive a phone call?

That’s why it would be huge innovative move if Apple could use artificial intelligence to improve battery life. Imagine an iPhone that can last all week on a single charge. Possible? perhaps.

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