2017 iPhone 8 May Come with Enhanced 3D Photography Capability

iPhone 7 Plus rear camera issue

According to a recent report in The Korea Economic Daily, Apple Inc. is working with LG to create a 3D photography module possibly to be used on next year’s iPhone 8. LG Innotek’s dual camera system could be seen on the 2017 iPhone, says the source. It’s already on iPhone 7 Plus, but next year’s model will definitely see much more enhanced 3D photography capability.

In an earlier article prior to the launch of iPhone 7, we noted that Apple’s acquisition of Israeli company LinX could see them use some of the 3D technology for the current iPhone model. That, in fact, did happen, which is why iPhone 7 Plus now has the Portrait Mode capability that the dual camera system was presumably built for.

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As of now, we’re not sure of any new hardware components to support 3D photography, but we do know that Apple is working on bringing more features using the tech it already owns – both a dual camera system as well as 3D sensing from its acquisition of PrimeSense, which we covered in the article linked above.

Using this combination of technologies, Apple will likely take 3D photography to even greater heights. We also know that Apple has applied for a patent in connection with underwater photography. Although they didn’t bring a completely water-proof iPhone this year designed for great depth, that could be in the works as well.

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In addition, the company also reportedly has a team of people working on bringing augmented reality features into the next iPhone.

The iPhone 7 seems to be doing extremely well, but of late, their weekly sales figures seem to be dropping. Samsung, on the other hand, despite problems with the Note 7, seems to have found a solution in the current Galaxy S7, which is selling much faster than iPhone 7.

We reported recently that Apple plans three variants for iPhone 8 next year, as well as a refresh for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. So next year seems to be chockfull of pleasant surprises for hardcore Apple users and iPhone fans the world over.

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