How Early Cloud Adoption is Helping Companies Generate 2.3X Revenues [Infographic]

cloud adoption

What is Cloud Adoption?

Cloud Adoption is a strategic move by organizations of reducing cost, mitigating risk and achieving scalability of data base capabilities.

From the results of a recent survey of 388 senior enterprise decision-makers, Cloudhealth Technologies reveals several insights into how companies are executing their cloud strategies, the gains they’ve seen and how cloud service providers (CSPs) are increasingly offering cost optimization options for the leaders of cloud adoption.

One of the key takeaways is that these companies are seeing 2.3 times more revenue growth after adopting cloud as their choice of IT resource deployment.

Another important trend is that 71% of cloud adoption leaders are on public cloud, with 23% opting for private cloud.

CSPs are constantly adding services and products to their cloud portfolios. Amazon, Microsoft and IBM continue to lead the way, continually offering innovative solutions that are benefiting early cloud adopters.

Companies need to stay updated on the slew of services these companies offer and add on a constant basis and take advantage of those services which they think could benefit them.

What else? Check out the infographic below:

cloud adoption

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