Minor MacBook Pro Upgrade Coming, Buy That or Get the New Surface Pro?

MacBook Pro 2017

In the next three days, we could see a brand new MacBook Pro (2017) that might not be as impressive as the last one, which brought the Touch Bar to MacBook users. Considering the depth of the upgrade (or lack of it, as the case may be,) it’s more likely that buyers will prefer the new Surface Pro that Microsoft recently unveiled.

The new Surface Pro is the Surface Pro 5 that we’ve been talking about all along. However, Microsoft is dropping the numbering system for new models and simply calling it Surface Pro.

But there’s a massive elephant in the room now. Though Surface Pro didn’t get a name bump to the next level, it’s got all the features we were expecting on the Surface Pro 5, which is never going to come. The new MacBook Pro, however, is a bit of a wet blanket. Other than the fact that it sports the new seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors from Intel, which should give it a boost in performance and battery life, there’s nothing else worth speaking of, to be honest.

The Surface Pro, on the other hand, brings nearly 800 new custom components on the inside. The look has been slightly refreshed as well, but the insides have undergone a major overhaul since Surface Pro 4.

See this article below for a full review of the features:

Is Microsoft “Doing a Surface Phone” with Surface Pro? Where’s Surface Pro 5?

Both these new devices – the MacBook Pro 2017 and the Surface Pro 2017 – pretty much live in the same price neighborhood. A premium one. But Surface Pro looks like it will pack a much more powerful punch than anything Apple can bring to the table with the new MacBook Pro. Of course, Apple is going to have a long list of feature additions, but can it really match up to what the new Surface Pro can do?

But it’s probably unfair to say that until Apple reveals the new device, so let’s wait and see. It’s only a matter of a couple more days.

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