Nintendo Switch Online: Game Subscription Terms and Pricing Extremely Attractive

Nintendo Switch Online - game subscription service 2018 $20

When Nintendo announced that its online subscription service for the Nintendo Switch would involve releasing a free classic NES or SNES game once a month was received with mixed feelings. On the one hand, you’d get a game for free for a whole month; on the other, just when you were getting hooked to it, Nintendo would pull it out from free tier and make it a purchasable item.

Surprisingly, Nintendo seems to have really paid attention to the feedback it received about that idea for Nintendo Switch, and they’ve changed it.

As it stands now, the service will launch for $20 a year – much cheaper than any of its competitors – and members will get unlimited access to these games. And entire library of classic games will be at your disposal any time you need it. As long as you’re on the annual plan, the game is yours to play.

That’s great news, but we still don’t know exactly how many games this service involves, and how Virtual Console fits into the scheme of things. We’ll know soon enough, when the subscription service for Nintendo Switch is finally released. It’s initially going to be free, after which the annual paid subscription will begin, in 2018 as announced by Nintendo on its site.

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