A Much Cooler Nintendo Switch Keyboard with Joy-Con Docking

Nintendo Switch keyboard with Joy-Con docks

Cyber Gadget is coming up with a Joy-Con dock, essentially a keyboard accessory similar to HORI’s keyboard for Switch, a new report shows. The new Joy-Con keyboard is expected to be much more interesting than the other Nintendo Switch Keyboard. It allows you to dock the Joy-Cons on either side. It doesn’t charge the controllers but it does allow you to have full-fledged access to a keyboard at your fingertips so typing isn’t such a pain when you’re in the middle of a game.

HORI, a Japanese video game accessory company, has been the maker of solid fighting sticks, game pads and screen protectors since they came into popular existence. But the Nintendo Switch keyboard did not add much value to the series of products released by HORI.

Nintendo Switch Keyboard HORI

On the other hand, it seems like a useful one, especially in Japan where Popular MMO Dragon Quest X is coming out soon. The HORI version costs 2,980 yen or about $30 with tax, and there are a lot of identical products at much lower prices.

But Cyber Gadget’s keyboard looks a lot easier to use and looks pretty cool, too. Games like Dragon Quest X, in which chat is extensively used, can get a nice user experience boost with such an accessory.

Nintendo Switch keyboard with Joy-Con docks

The concept and design are different from HORI’s Nintendo compact keyboard for the Switch, which doesn’t allow for Joy-Con docking.

Cyber Gadget’s Nintendo Switch keyboard is scheduled to be released in Japan by the end of September with a price tag of 3,578 yen. However, there is no talk of a Western release.

It will be compatible with the PS 4 and PC, and it weighs only 250g.

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