Save Time and Money by Using the Ciiva Software to Share BOM Data

Ciiva BOM software

It is a well-known fact that transferring parts among product development companies, EMS providers, other manufacturers and suppliers consumes a lot of time, especially when done manually. Managing and organizing the bill of materials (BOMs) across users is also a little hectic and time consuming. Ciiva has since eased the entire process by having updated information and better organization on parts that the users are looking for. The parts could be on order, in stock or even in transit.

Ciiva allows manufactures and suppliers to upload components into the Ciiva cloud database for absolutely no charge at all. They give users an important, easy-to-use tool that allows a Bill of Materials and component data to be added into the system. This functionality makes it easy for users to Share BOM Data. Users can use Ciiva to easily track the lifecycle of their own component. They can now tell how long each part will last.

The Ciiva collaborative bill of materials management software is known as the Ciiva Client. The Ciiva Client enjoys constant updates with the latest information on components, and supports a long list of suppliers and manufacturers.

Users can now browse for information that you could not easily get in one place. Instead of searching through multiple sources looking for the ideal device or product, users can comfortably find all the information they need using Ciiva. This is one of the biggest benefits of Ciiva. Every item used in the Bill of Materials (BOM) is linked to one component library, allowing you to find the best price or the highest-quality part for an automobile, or any product or device.

You can now tell if any little change has been made to the device, and consider if the change might affect the quality of the item they are manufacturing or repairing. The fact that every item used in a BOM is directly added to the component library also ensures that errors are avoided, and that everything runs smoothly.

Ciiva component library

There are also graphs on the right that provide constantly updated statistics on historical stock levels and historical pricing data. Users can now easily view the newest products and prices across the world from various suppliers, and purchase what they need at the most favorable price.

The Ciiva software tool eases a process that can be very hectic to any company or individual using electronic components. Once you are done setting up with Ciiva as a user, Ciiva can help organize your Bill of Materials management. In this way, you are able to save money and also increase productivity.

Anyone can use the limited Ciiva edition at absolutely no cost at all. The limited edition, however, only provides access to three users, with a limit of 10,000 components. It allows storage space of only 5GB. The pro monthly subscription costs 10 Euro per user per month. This, in turn, will provide unlimited use of components, and storage space of up to 10 GB. There is also a pro plan whereby users pay an annual fee of 100 Euro per user annually. The pro plan allows you to save even more money.