With the mass shootings in Newtown, Las Vegas and Texas still fresh on millions of minds, the House of Representatives has finally taken some action on the gun control front.

Unfortunately, it’s not exactly what most had hoped for.

The House loosened regulations to allow anyone with a permit to carry concealed weapons across state lines.

After all, the requirement was one of the top priority line items for the NRA, and the House simply decided that this was the best time to pass the legislation.

The bill cleared the house in a highly partisan manner with 231 voting for and 198 against it.

But the good news is that the bill needs to clear Senate, and Republicans will need at least eight Democrats to support the bill to avoid the filibuster.

That’s certainly not going to happen, as was evident from the way House Democrats have voted against the bill.

Unfortunately, it also shows how divided the nation is on the matter of guns and gun control.

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  1. Not exactly what most had hoped for? I believe it’s precisely what most have wanted for decades. Here’s a fair way to handle the reciprocity legislation. Allow states to opt out. If they do, their residents will be forbidden from driving cars in the 41 states that opt in. Seems fair. In other words, 41 states would recognize drivers and concealed carry licenses from each other and would jail drivers from the nine recalcitrant states. Those that opt out would allow neither drivers nor carriers from the other 41 states to cross their state lines.


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