Do’s and Don’ts When Recording Business Videos Using Screen Capture

screen capture video

Are you planning on using screen capture to record a business video? Nowadays it has become one of the more popular ways to create video guides or product demonstrations for digital products, as well as a wide range of other types of videos.

If you would like to make sure the videos you record turn out well, there are several simple do’s and don’ts that you should try to follow.

  • DO maximize the resolution of the video

As a rule, you should always record business videos in the highest resolution possible. If you’re using screen capture, that will mean recording as large a frame as you can from your screen. At a minimum, you should aim to record business videos in 1080p (Full HD).

  • DO check the aspect ratio is right

In addition to the quality, you should check that the aspect ratio of the video is right. Although the 16:9 HD widescreen standard will suffice in most cases, in some you may want to use other aspect ratios such as 1:1 (square) or 9:16 (vertical).

  • DO optimize the microphone audio quality

If you are recording a voiceover via a microphone, you should try to optimize the audio quality from your microphone. That can be done in several ways, including using a high-quality microphone, eliminating background noise, and editing the audio afterward.

  • DO think about the mouse cursor

Before you record your video, you should think about what you want to do with the mouse cursor. For some videos, you may want viewers to follow its movements, in which case you could highlight it or make it more visible in other ways. However, in other videos it may be better to hide the cursor using various apps.

  • DO NOT run too many other programs

Screen capture can be relatively processor-intensive, and it is best to ensure there aren’t any other programs competing with it for system resources. Simply put you shouldn’t run too many other programs or background processes, and should only open apps that are going to be part of the video.

  • DO NOT try to record everything in a single take

Generally, it is best if you avoid trying to record the entire video in a single take. For videos that are long, there is simply far too much that can go wrong midway, forcing you to re-record the entire video.

  • DO NOT have too much clutter in the video

As far as possible you should try to remove as much clutter as you can from the videos that you record using screen capture – to make it look clean and more professional. Some easy ways to do that are by tidying up stray icons on your desktop and system tray and making sure there aren’t too many apps in the taskbar.

In addition to these tips, you will want to find a reliable software that will let you screen capture video Mac or PC. Ideally, it should provide you with the means to customize the recording parameters to fit the requirements of various business videos.

As you can see the do’s and don’ts listed above aren’t particularly complicated, and it should be easy enough to follow them. If you do you should end up with high quality and professional-looking business videos.