7 Tested Preparation Hacks for Passing the Microsoft 70-487 Test with Exam Dumps

Major Possibilities with MCSD: App Builder credential

The dynamic nature of technology has led to an increased demand for the advanced web as well as mobile apps. In the growing cloud computing market, a Microsoft certification has become a requirement to validate the abilities and knowledge of IT experts. When you get it, your value as a professional increases and you gain an advantage over other specialists who do not have the badge.

Professionals who opt for a content that is more helpful now prefer the Microsoft 2017 Visual Studio and Microsoft Azure to develop web services. The tech firm has created an approach to assist professionals in nurturing these abilities. Professionals are required to sit for the Microsoft exam 70-487 practice test that leads to the MCSD: App Builder credential. Getting this certification is the best way to grow your app developer skills, especially, if you set the goal to get a position of an application developer.

This post’s intention is to help you know about tested exam preparation hacks to use in acing this test with ease. However, you first need to know more details about 70-487 exam.

More About Test 70-487

The Microsoft 70-487 leads to getting the MCSD: App Builder credential. It’s meant for developers who utilize Visual Studio 2017, as well as Microsoft Azure in designing and developing web solutions. You are needed to have experience of over 3 years in working with solutions that refer to ASP.NET MVC. Candidates also need to demonstrate their skills in:

  • How to design and develop web apps for accessing varied data and also services such as Windows Azure
  • Developing and deploying a multi-tier environment that comprises Windows Azure
  • Designing and developing asynchronous lifecycle
  • Creating and using HTTP services

Before opting for this exam each candidate is required to obtain an MCSA credential in Web Applications or Universal Windows Platform.

Now, let’s move to 70-487 exam details.

70-487 Exam Overview

The Microsoft 70-487 test consists of 40-60 questions to be tackled in 2.5 hours. The questions might come in various types that comprise a build list, multiple-choice, case studies, active screen, fill-in-the-blank, best answer, and screen review question. Every test taker needs to get 700 points to qualify for the MCSD certification. The fee for the 70-487 test is $165.

7 Tested Preparation Hacks for Passing Test 70-487

  • Know The Structure of Exam

You need to understand the objectives of the test before you begin your preparation. Exam 70-487 covers the areas below:

  • Ways to Access Data
  • Querying and Manipulating Data with Entity Framework
  • Creating and Using Web-based API services
  • Designing and Implementing Web Services
  • Deploying Web Apps and Services
  • Study with Plan

Preparing for the exam requires that you set aside enough time for extensive study. Create realistic goals by ensuring you make a plan for study that will guide you when preparing for the test. Make sure you use the plan you created till the end to ensure it works. It’s also good to start your exam preparation early enough as this will ensure you don’t rush through your prep. Manage the time correctly to cover all exam topics thoroughly. Always remember your goal: passing the Microsoft 70-487 exam and getting upgrading your professional career. 

  • Microsoft Courses for Exam 70-487 Exam

Preparation for any Microsoft exam is essential, as it’s half of your success. First, check the most reliable prep material from the vendor. Training courses will assist you in completing the syllabus guided by professionals who have years of experience in teaching the exam topics. The training can be self-paced or instructor-led. So, opt for the Course 20487D to prepare for the 70-487 test and choose the format that suits you best, either no-demand or classroom. This course comes with assignments and practice questions for every topic. 

  • Gain Hands-On Skills with Exam 70-787 Labs

Practicing with self-paced labs will help you increase your skills. This will allow you to pass the test and also offer hands-on solutions to implement in solving issues in the actual world. One of the self-paced labs is the ‘Instrumenting ASP.NET with Applications Insights in Visual Studio’ that will help you master the much-needed skills.

  • Learn through Exam Prep Videos

Remember each minute is important when preparing for any exam. When you feel you can’t focus on reading, you can watch videos on a relevant topic. Online video lessons for the Microsoft 70-487 exam at PrepAway.biz can work well for you when faced with such a situation. 

Along with taking video lectures at PrepAway.biz, you can also watch footage like the Microsoft Certification PREP Talk: Exam 487, to get tips on preparing for your test and passing it.

  • Revise Utilizing Exam Dumps

Exam dumps allow you to assess your level of preparedness for the test. Among the platforms you can fully rely on is PrepAway.biz, as it offers files that comprise the most valid and updated questions and answers. Practicing such dumps is one of the greatest approaches to revise for the test and use your time wisely. Utilizing exam dumps for the 70-487 test will help you hone your skills and fill in the gaps in your knowledge. One piece of advice is to train them as many times as you can. This will definitely improve your results. 

  1. Use a Recommended Study Guide

Study guides are helpful when it comes to exam preparation as well. They offer an in-depth insight into the objectives of the exam by guiding you through the topics. Exam Ref 70-487 is a good study book to use for the test preparation since you know which topics and concepts will be tested on the exam.

Why Become MCSD: App Builder Certified?

The MCSD: App Builder certification is a validation of expertise. It confirms that you are experienced and highly proficient in web development and that you are an ideal candidate for the role of an application developer. According to PayScale’s website, with this badge, you can earn about $101k a year. So, if you are seeking a job with the MCSD: App Builder credential, you’ll always be a priority for your potential employer in comparison with uncertified peers.


The Microsoft certification system is a recognized standard worldwide. It is a document that certifies that your qualifications meet the requirements that Microsoft has set for you to work with its technologies. Getting the MCSD credential doesn’t just happen. You must revise and pass 70-487 test. With numerous exam preparation materials available, passing the test is possible. Ensure you follow these tested exam preparation hacks and train with exam dumps to pass the final test. If you want to be an expert in app development, this accreditation is what you’ve been looking for.