Senate could prove tougher nut for tax reform bill to crack

The GOP’s tax reform bill looks like its already had the easiest passage it will get when the House voted it through. The bill now faces rising uncertainty as Senate members dissect it from their own perspectives.

Deficit hawks Sen. Corker and Sen. Flake are worried about many of the “temporary” cuts that could eventually be extended and put more pressure on the deficit than it now appears.

Sen. Johnson has already said he couldn’t vote for the bill as written, and his concern is around how the bill deals with small businesses.

Sen. Collins is concerned about the individual mandate on health insurance, among other things.

And a few, like Sen. Murkowski and Sen. McCain aren’t even taking a public stand for or against the bill.

With so many hurdles to cross, it’ll be a wonder if the tax reform bill passes into law in its current form. A compromise bill is more likely to be on the cards.

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