Apple to launch 6.1 inch iPhone with dual SIM in China

Apple will launch its new iPhone models in September this year. That means that we are now close to the unveiling event. In reality, Apple has not specified when we are seeing new devices, but tech experts claim that new iPhone models will be announced on September 12 and launch to the public two weeks later.

Sources claim that the Cupertino company will debut three new iPhone models, one of which includes a cheaper 6.1 inch iPhone model. We have heard a lot of rumors hinting at a possible release of a cheaper iPhone. Most rumors say that the device will feature some exciting features despite its lower price tag.

Sources say that the 6.1 inch iPhone model will feature an LCD display at launch. The adoption of LCD panel allows for a much affordable price tag. However, the device will come with wireless charging functionality and Face ID this year. Face ID is Apple’s new security measure that allows you to unlock your phone with a simple glance. Apple has been working on improving Face ID to offer a better user experience.

According to the latest rumors, the upcoming 6.1 inch iPhone model will feature a dual-SIM card functionality. However, the functionality will be exclusive to the versions sold in China. In reality, rumors have been circulating that Apple will add the dual-SIM functionality to its iPhone lineup.

2018 iPhone models will be manufactured at Foxconn’s facilities in China. Sources say that all three iPhone models have been in mass productions and won’t be ready until late September. In reality, phones with dual-SIM functionality are not something new in China. Apple’s move aims to expand its presence in emerging markets like China, Brazil, or India.

Rumors claim that Apple is planning to bring the phone in more markets later this year. When it comes to pricing, the upcoming 6.1 inch iPhone is not that cheap as it may set you back around $400 at launch.

Apart from a 6.1 inch iPhone, Apple will debut a new iPhone X Plus and an iPhone XS this year. The iPhone X Plus is expected to feature never-seen-before skills.

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