Gmail is the leading mailing service on the market. Google has been improving its Gmail since the launch day. Gmail is now faster and smarter than it was a few years ago. You now can do a lot more things in Gmail. Google recently introduced a new update to its Gmail, with a lot of changes and features.

The update brings in a lot of things we were all dying for, including email snoozing, confidential mode, new UI, and nudging. However, not all of those features are available at launch. One such feature was Nudging. Google removed Nudging functionality from the update for reasons still unknown, which is a little bit disappointing.

Google is fully aware of that, and the company officially brings it back. According to Google, Nudging is now available on Android and desktop. Basically, the feature serves as a reminder that allows users to reply to emails they have missed. To access this feature, open Gmail on your desktop, then open the Settings menu, and you should find a “reply and follow up” section.

Once you are in, turn on the switches next to Suggest emails to reply to and Suggest emails to follow up options. The second toggle reminds you to respond to emails you need to follow up on. This is a great addition to Gmail, as it makes sure you won’t miss any important messages.

Alongside the Nudging functionality, Gmail also introduces a new Confidential mode. As the name implies, the mode allows you to protect your personal emails from the prying eyes. Once you have enabled Confidential mode for your messages, this will prevent other people from downloading or copying them. There’s also an Email snoozing feature that lets you hide your messages for a set period of time. When the time expires, your messages will go back to your inbox.

Google also introduces Smart Reply feature. As the name suggests, the feature suggests quick responses to your messages. According to tech experts, this is the biggest update Google has ever released to the public. Sources say that Google will release more updates in the coming months.

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