AI - artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Trends 2017: The Future of AI, Today

Artificial Intelligence no longer refers to some vague and obscure research experiment conducted in the dungeons of university laboratories. It is a very real and present entity that is rapidly changing our lives. For the better? That remains to be seen. Some of the world’s largest and most well-known companies are spending billions of dollars…

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World's first AI toothbrush

World’s First AI-capable Toothbrush “Ara” Brings Machine Learning to Oral Care

AI is going everywhere – into space, inside the human body and now, into your mouth. Ara, the world’s first AI-capable toothbrush will actually teach you how to brush your teeth better. If you’re a dentist, you’ll probably get to keep your day job. Ara, from Kolibree, a French oral care company with offices in France and…

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Three new artificial intelligence (AI) products from Amazon - Lex, Polly and Rekognition

This is Amazon’s Biggest Contribution to Artificial Intelligence So Far

Amazon recently announced three major services that are aimed at making things easier for developers to exploit Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. AI has been one of the weakest links in Amazon’s robust stack of cloud infrastructure services which, incidentally, took the company to the top of the cloud industry due their breadth and depth offered….

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Microsoft artificial intelligence

The Role of Microsoft and the Big Tech Fraternity in Popularizing Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Data Group, Joseph Sirosh, wrote on the company’s official Azure blog about how the company is moving from “A PC on every desktop” to “deep learning in every software”. Though the statement might seem a bit loaded, it does sum things up about the direction in which Microsoft, a company…

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Can artificial intelligence predict the 2016 U.S. presidential elections?

Can Artificial Intelligence Predict the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election? It Already Has!

The United States is going through a trying time, to say the least. And I’m not talking about the GDP! I’m referring to what most conversations contain these days – the U.S. presidential elections. Being primarily a technology site, what surprises us most of all is the sheer lack of disinterest that the active artificial…

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BMW Finally Announces Self-driving Car, Pressure from Apple, Google, Tesla and Mercedes

According to Maximilian Doemling, who is BMW’s senior manager for “highly automated driving”, the German carmaker will be launching its own fleet of self-driving cars in China in the next five years. The move seems to be a peer-pressure reaction to the feverish activities that are being conducted by companies like Apple (iCar), Google, Tesla, Ford, General Motors…

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