Google deepmind develops differentiable neural computer with external memory

Google’s DeepMind Uses Deep Learning with External Memory to Make it “Smarter”

Google’s DeepMind project has been working on some very interesting angles for deep learning, a specialized field of artificial intelligence. Essentially, using the power of brain-like neural networks, the AI system is able to do complex calculations and derive actionable results. But so far, deep learning alone has had a major stumbling block. Without a…

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Samsung to buy Viv Labs, Creators of Apple Siri

Samsung to Buy Siri Creator Viv Labs, Plans to Use AI in Several Products

AI, or artificial intelligence, seems to be the catchword in today’s world of technology. Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and several other companies have their own versions of virtual assistants that use artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing to interact with their human users. Now, Samsung is also in the fray after…

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Surface Phone May be Launched in 3 Variants, with Surface Pen and Keyboard Included

Lots of rumors have been floating around about the yet-unacknowledged-by-Microsoft Surface Phone that is expected to make its debut in late October. New sources now say that the phone will be available in multiple variants. The report doesn’t say what combination of RAM and internal memory we’re expected to see on the new Surface Phone,…

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Google’s “The Keyword” Replaces 19 Official Blogs, Will be Google’s Single Voice on Multiple Topics

Google this week launched something called The Keyword. What is it? According to the about Google’s blog post, it is a “new, central destination for the latest news updates and stories from inside Google.” The Keyword is a consolidation of no less than 19 of their official English-language blogs, and will contain every newsworthy tidbit from…

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Google’s DeepMind Artificial Intelligence gets Human-like Voice

In 2014 Google bought a UK-based artificial intelligence research lab called DeepMind for a hefty $530 million. Since then, DeepMind has made rapid progress in AI technologies, including health and gaming applications. The latest achievement of DeepMind is WaveNet, an AI computer program that can almost mimic the way humans speak. Experts say that WaveNet has…

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Upgrade to iPhone 7 or Keep the iPhone 6S Plus?

iPhone 7 reviews during the pre-launch of the latest creation from Apple all show that the new iPhone 7 smartphone may be nothing more than an incremental improvement over the popular iPhone 6S. Of course, you’ll likely agree that the iPhone 6S itself is one of the best-looking smartphones out there, but what about the…

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